Spring Fever by Emma Davies

Spring Fever is the second in the Tales from Appleyard books, the first being Merry Mistletoe which I read last December.  It takes up the stories of Merry and Tom, and Freya and Sam, as spring arrives.  It’s a novella, so a quick read, yet is jam-packed with goings-on.

I loved Merry Mistletoe so was very pleased to be able to read Spring Fever.  There is a real charming feel to Emma Davies’ writing and she made me want to step into the book and not only meet the characters, but have a wander around the enchanting settings that she has created.

I loved reading about Merry and Tom’s baby daughter, Robyn and their lovely new home, Five Penny House, together with the dilapidated shop that comes with it.  After reading about it I can just imagine how inviting it would be to shop there.  And Freya and Sam are working hard at Appleyard Orchard when the weather takes a turn for the worse.  I must admit to a heart-stopping moment at one point when I didn’t know which way the story would go.  Were we hurtling towards disaster or not?  Well, you’ll just have to read it and find out.

I’m now really looking forward to reading the other two novellas in this series.  Gooseberry Fool is released on 16th February 2017 and Blackberry Way on 20th April 2017.  Thankfully not long to wait.

With thanks to the Lawsome Books and Netgalley for the review copy.  The ebook of Spring Fever is available now for 99p

I wrote a brief review of Merry Mistletoe last year, which I will share here.  I’d recommend it for a lovely festive read.

merrymistletoeMerry Mistletoe is a charming novella about Freya who has recently lost her beloved father, and faces her first Christmas without him there to help run the family’s mistletoe business. She is facing having to sell her home to one of the Henderson brothers, both of whom she obviously has some past link with. On the plus side, she has Amos, a lovely man who seems to have no roots and who is around to help her when she needs it.

Unlike many festive reads, this isn’t a twee story, but it is a well-written one with a feel-good factor and great characterisations. Having a mistletoe business was a nice touch and it was an all-round lovely experience to read. I already have Letting in Light by this author and will look forward to reading it.


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