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I’m delighted to be kicking off the blog tour for The Brave Daughters by Mary Wood today. Not only is she one of my favourite authors but it’s also publication day so congratulations Mary! My thanks to Ellis Keene from Pan Macmillan for the place on the tour and for sending a copy of the book for review purposes.

A moving and emotional family drama set between France and Britain from bestselling author, Mary Wood.

They would fight for their country, at all costs . . .

When Sibbie and Marjie arrive at RAF Digby, they are about to take on roles of national importance. It’s a cause of great excitement for everyone around them. Perhaps they will become code-breakers, spies even? Soon the pair embark on a rigorous training regime, but nothing can prepare them for what they’re about to face . . .

Amid the vineyards of rural France, Flora and Ella can’t bear the thought of another war. But as the thunderclouds grow darker, hanging over Europe, a sense of deep foreboding sets in, not just for their safety but for the fate of their families . . . With danger looming, as the threat of war becomes real, Flora and Ella are forced to leave their idyllic home and flee. Can they make it to safety, or will the war have further horrors in store for them?

The Brave Daughters is the fourth book in the Girls Who Went to War series by Mary Wood.

I’m a big fan of Mary Wood’s books and I’ve been eagerly awaiting The Brave Daughters as it’s the final book in the four that make up The Girls Who Went to War series. There’s plenty of back story in this one so if you haven’t read the other three books then you can read this perfectly well as a standalone, although I would really recommend starting at the beginning to get the full build up to all that happens in this one.

Such a lot happened in the previous instalments and there are many tangled relationships stemming from Flors, Ella and Mags, the original ‘Girls’ who nursed during World War I. I was really pleased to see their family trees at the beginning of The Brave Daughters and I referred to it a lot in the first quarter or so of the book as there are lots of characters to keep track of. This meant that I got off to a slower start than normal but then something so shocking and explosive takes place that I was then well and truly in the thick of the action and I didn’t want to put the book down.

The brave daughters are the offspring of the original characters and, just like their mothers, they find themselves in the thick of war, this time World War II. This takes us not only around the UK, but to France where the Resistance are fighting in secret against the enemy, and also to Singapore where two of the girls are nursing. As always, Wood doesn’t hold back and there are many terrible events to test the characters. But her distinctive warmth also returns and she drew me completely into their lives.

This is actually my favourite of the four books. I think it’s probably because of the many different strands and the different settings which made it so fast paced and exciting. I was rooting for all of the characters and as usual they made me smile and they made me cry.

Mary Wood is one of my favourite writers. I’m never disappointed by her books. I’m sorry to see the end of this series (perhaps the daughters could have daughters!) but always excited to see what comes next.

Born the thirteenth child of fifteen to a middle-class mother and an East End barrow boy, Mary Wood’s childhood was a mixture of love and poverty. Throughout her life Mary has held various posts in office roles, working in the Probation services and bringing up her four children and numerous grandchildren, step-grandchildren and great-grandchildren. An avid reader, she first put pen to paper in 1989 whilst nursing her mother through her last months, but didn’t become successful until she began self-publishing her novels in 2011.

Her novels include All I Have to Give, An Unbreakable Bond, In Their Mother’s Footsteps and The Breckton Novels.

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  • OH WOW, JUST WOW! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. To read this, and on pub day when nervous excitement abounds, is so encouraging and amazing, Thank you for all you do for me and all authors, much love, Mary x

  • Jackie Pennells

    Cannot wait to read this. I have loved the previous books in the series.

  • Karen Willis

    Can’t wait to read this last book from the fantastic author Mary Wood! Her books are brilliant!

  • Looking forward to receiving this in the post!! I’m on the last chapter of The Wronged Daughter so great timing!!

    Mary’s book have never disappointed! Read every one of her books and she has the ability to really draw you near to all her characters to the point of actually being there (like a fly on the wall)!

    Hood luck with the Blog Tour and keep on writing lovely lady xx

  • Janette Fletcher

    So excited I can’t wait to read the final installment.

  • So so looking forward to reading this thank you for your lovely report –

  • Patricia Humm

    Love all of Mary’s books they take pride of place on my bookcase
    Love the Girls who went to war series
    Cant wait to read this one about Sibbie and Marjie
    Wonderful lady brilliant author

  • Elizabeth Stanton

    Just read the first one in the series, loved it, can’t wait to read the rest and this one.

  • Can’t wait to read this

  • Beautiful review

  • Sue Bellwood

    Really looking forward to reading this, and even more so after reading your review!

  • Just finished my 1st book of yours.It had me in tears. Can’t wait to read others. Including this your latest. Thank you.x

  • Look forward to reading thisx

  • Lynn Dobbins

    Lovely review. Can’t wait for this to be delivered so I can continue with the story. Love Marys books. Take care in Spain x

  • Moira manson

    So excited to read this love Mary’s books

  • Lesleyann Neville

    WOW another great review and another book to cherish, thankyou so much

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    A fantastic review. Can’t wait to read this

  • Margaret Craw

    Brilliant blog for you Mary can’t wait to read this one xxxx

  • Sinead Egerton

    A cuppa Mary Wood book is my tiny bit of heaven. All you need to escape for a few hours just got to not burn tea
    Mary books take you into another world and highly recommend

  • Elaine Fryatt

    Great review, I’m really looking forward to reading this.

  • Wow so privileged to get the book on publication day thank you

  • Can’t wait to read this. Love all Mary’s books.

  • Julie Cornelius

    Really enjoyed your books can’t wait to read this . Keep safe and keep writing.

  • What a great review , really looking forward to reading this one , I love all of Mary’s Books .. keep safe Mary c.f.

  • Kim Stevenson

    Ah at last have been waiting on this, so looking forward to reading this. Happy Publication Day Mary xxxx

  • Can’t wait to read this Mary xx

  • Thanks everyone for your support in visiting the blog, and leaving such lovely comments of support for me, and adding your thanks to Nicola for her lovely blog.. Thanks, again, Nicola, hope to see you in November/Dec when my next book is out. Much love to all, stay safe x

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