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I’m delighted to be reviewing The Wrong Direction by Liz Treacher today and to be catching up with Bernard and Evie again. My thanks to Liz for sending me a copy of the book for review purposes and to Kelly from Love Books Tours for the place on the tour.

Autumn 1920. When Bernard Cavalier, a flamboyant London artist, marries Evie Brunton, a beautiful Devon post lady, everyone expects a happy ending. But Evie misses cycling down country lanes, delivering the mail, and is finding it hard to adapt to her new life among Mayfair’s high society. Meanwhile Bernard, now a well-known artist, is struggling to give up his bachelor ways. The Wrong Direction is as light and witty as The Wrong Envelope, with racy characters and a fast-paced plot. Wild parties, flirtatious models, jealous friends – Bernard and Evie must negotiate many twists and turns if they are to hold on to each other…

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I recently read and enjoyed The Wrong Envelope by Liz Treacher so was very pleased to be able to catch up with Evie and Bernard again in The Wrong Direction. It follows on from where the first book left off with the couple about to be married. For Bernard, marriage is something that he finds hard to fit into his life as an artist. For Evie, she finds living in London difficult after the space in Devon and she also finds being a wife difficult. She’s a terrible cook and she misses her job as a post lady.

Whilst married life gets off to a reasonable start, it soon goes downhill as the pair seem to be pulling in opposite directions and they have a lot to go through before the end of the book.

I have to say that I love Bernard as a character. He’s like a big lolloping dog, always putting his foot in it and messing up. He’s a bit of a calamity to be honest, but still likeable. I also think Evie is a lovely character, with a backbone of steel under her soft exterior. It’s such a shame that things don’t work out quite as planned for them, but they do love each other so there’s always hope.

As with The Wrong Envelope, there are various supporting characters who are incredibly well-drawn. I particularly liked meeting Evie’s parents again, along with Bernard’s father and his friend, Toby.

The Wrong Direction is just as charming as The Wrong Envelope. It made me smile (usually at Bernard’s expense) and there’s such a lot of subtle wit and dry observation in both novels. I think this one has a bit more depth than the first book. These are characters who could easily have another outing, especially given happened at the end of the book and what’s ahead of them in their future. Perhaps this could be a trilogy? I’d love to know what happens to them next.

Liz is a writer, a Creative Writing teacher and an Art photographer. She lives in the Highlands of Scotland with a view of the sea. Her love of images influences her writing.

Her debut novel, ‘The Wrong Envelope’, is a romantic comedy, set in 1920 in Devon, England. It tells the story of Bernard, an impulsive artist and Evie, his beautiful post lady. You can watch the trailer on this page, under ‘Videos’. Light and witty, and full of twists and turns, ‘The Wrong Envelope’ captures the spirit of another age – when letters could change lives.

The sequel, ‘The Wrong Direction’, follows Evie and Bernard to London, and charts their further adventures in Mayfair’s high society. Wild parties, flirtatious models, jealous friends – Bernard and Evie must negotiate many twists and turns if they are to hold on to each other.


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