ShortBookandScribes #BookReview – The Switch by Lily Samson

The Switch by Lily Samson will be published by Century on 6th June in hardcover, eBook and audiobook. My thanks to the author who very kindly sent me a copy for review.


Elena and Adam are housesitting in Wimbledon and are instantly seduced by their new upscale surroundings.

Sophia and Finn are their beautiful, enigmatic neighbours who invite them into their world.


When Sophia proposes a wicked game to Elena whereby they will swap partners in secret, it’s not long before Elena starts to experience a sexual awakening that blossoms into an illicit love affair.

But Sophia’s plans are far more complex and dangerous than Elena could ever have imagined…


A book described as dark, sexy and thrilling sounded like the book for me and I was not wrong. The Switch is a brilliant and thoroughly absorbing story that I wanted to last forever, but I also wanted to get to the end to find out what was going to happen to the characters.

Elena is in a good, but fairly stagnant relationship with Adam when she has a chance meeting with Sophia, an artist who seems impossibly glamorous and exciting to Elena, and who has a very attractive and beguiling husband in Finn. When Sophia suggests they do a secret ‘switch’ – swap partners under cover of darkness without telling them – Elena is at first unsure, but she soon cannot resist the allure of the illicit situation the two women create.

This was a book where the pace never slowed down. I found the switches exhilarating, and as Elena learns more about Sophia and Finn I became intrigued by their hidden depths. Like many books in this genre, a suspension of belief is required at times but it’s a mark of how good the writing is and how perfectly executed the plot as a whole is, that I didn’t care whether anyone would get away with a switch in real life or not, I only wanted to know whether Elena and Sophia would and what the consequences would be.

The Switch is a top-notch domestic noir. It’s electrifying, tantalising and provocative and it proved to be an utterly irresistible read for me. Highly recommended for anyone who loves a dark and twisty suburban tale and characters with questionable morals. I absolutely loved it.

Lily Samson studied English at Oxford University and works in publishing. She divides her time between London and Paris, where her French partner resides. In her spare time, she enjoys watching Hitchcock movies and moonlighting as a freelance artist. The Switch is her debut thriller.

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