ShortBookandScribes #BookReview – Lovestruck by Laura Jane Williams

Lovestruck by Laura Jane Williams will be published by Penguin Century on 8th June in paperback, ebook and audiobook. My thanks to Klara Zak for the proof copy.

This isn’t one love story. It’s two.

Becca Calloway is calling it: she’s ready for Mr Right, and she’s ready now.

She even goes as far as to hold a manifestation ceremony for him – and when she receives a text from her ex five minutes later, she knows it’s a sign.

The problem is, she doesn’t know which way it’s pointing…

Should Becca reply and reignite things with her old flame Mike? Or delete and block, moving forward with the new man in her life?

Becca has one choice, with two ways this could go. And in Lovestruck, you’re about to see them both…

Becca Calloway has her life together. She co-owns a successful hair salon with her friend Carlos, and her other friend Jia-Li works with them too. The only thing missing is Mr Right and when they hold a manifestation session at the salon that is what she asks for. When her ex texts her shortly after it seems like a sign but Becca doesn’t know what to do. There’s unfinished business between them but should she answer the text or move on to a new man?

If you’ve seen the film Sliding Doors you’ll understand the concept of Lovestruck. We see both scenarios and how each one pans out. I thought I knew which option I preferred but even then I was surprised by the turn the story took. I love this concept and it always fascinates me to wonder what would have happened if a different decision had been taken.

Lovestruck is a light-hearted romance with a fresh and fun feel to it. I didn’t always remember whether something had happened in the timeline where Becca texts back or in the one where she didn’t, but somehow it didn’t matter too much that I couldn’t recall as the story flows really well anyway. I liked the characters, particularly the three main ones mentioned before, and I actually liked both of the potential Mr Rights too (even though I did have a favourite). It’s a fairly lengthy book but I read it really quickly. I found it an easy story to read, it kept me engaged and it felt charming and cute. Lovestruck is one for the romance lovers out there. I certainly enjoyed it.

Laura Jane Williams (she/her) is known as the queen of the meet-cute. She is the author of six novels and a novella.

The rights to Laura’s international bestseller Our Stop have been sold for television, and her books have been translated into languages all over the world.

She loves romance, being a parent, and lifting really heavy weights.

Find out more about Laura on, or on Instagram as @laurajanauthor.

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