ShortBookandScribes #BookReview – Love, Prescribed by Laura Buckley

Today I’m sharing my thoughts about Love, Prescribed by Laura Buckley which I thought was a gorgeous read. My thanks to the author for very kindly sending a copy of her book for review purposes.

Hello! I’m Rosie! Pharmacist, flatmate, foodie extraordinaire and frankly, sick of being single. While all my friends from university are settling down into relationships and popping out almost as many babies as we pop out pills at work, I’m stuck doing all the hours I can to keep the pharmacy going. But the university reunion ball is looming and I might have told a few white lies about the existence of my date, surely I’ll find someone in time?But when my girls Jess and Emily decide to take control of my dating life, will I actually find a date to the ball? Or will an intruder from the past cause chaos in my dispensary and disrupt life as I know it, in more ways than one?

They often say to write what you know and that’s exactly what Laura Buckley has done. She’s taken her own knowledge as a pharmacist and used it to great effect in this book. I don’t think I’ve ever come across a pharmacist in a novel before and it’s really refreshing to see.

Rosie is our main character. She lives with her two best friends, Emily and Jess, and is happy and very busy in her work. But she’s looking for love, not just for her long-term future but also because a university reunion is looming and she doesn’t have a date! I loved Rosie for her kindness and her reserve, and for just having no idea how lovely she is. There’s a wonderful camaraderie between Rosie and her colleagues at work, Josie and Nora, as well and I thought Buckley portrayed friendships really well in this story.

The chapters are told alternately by Rosie and Mike, Emily’s brother who is staying with them temporarily. Rosie remembers Mike from college and there are definitely sparks flying between them now. I really liked this way of telling the story from both points of view, giving an insight into how each views the other. But what I really really loved was the sexual tension between them and the delicious will they/won’t they build up. I was totally on board for that!

Love, Prescribed is a light-hearted read and a total pleasure. I read it within a day as it’s such an easy read and also I wanted to know what was going to happen. This is one for romance lovers who like a touch of heat in their love stories. I thought it was a really lovely read. Oh, and just a word about the cover – isn’t it gorgeous?

I’m Laura, pharmacist, mum of two, wife and all around chatterbox.

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