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I’m very pleased to be reviewing this fabulous children’s book today. Anna and Evan Meet Charles Darwin is written by Tanya Hutter and Lina Daniel, and illustrated by Karin Eklund. My thanks to Faye Rogers for the place on the tour and for providing a copy of the book for review purposes.

Join Anna and Evan on a magical adventure to the Galapagos Islands where they meet Charles Darwin, discover unusual animals and learn some interesting scientific facts.

This engaging and educational book is ideal for young children to encourage curiosity and interest in the natural world and science.

The project was supported by L’Oréal UK and Ireland For Women In Science Fellowship.

The Department of Chemistry at Cambridge tweeted:

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Anna and Evan Meet Charles Darwin is right up my street, let alone my five year old son’s! Anna and Evan visit the zoo one day and are puzzled to see a brown bear and a white (polar) bear. They start to wonder why they are both bears but have different coloured coats. They go back in time to meet up with Charles Darwin himself on the Galapagos Islands. Mr Darwin is there on HMS Beagle discovering all the varied insects, animals and birds that live there.

Now here comes the interesting bit. Mr Darwin starts to show Anna and Evan how evolution works, how certain birds have different beaks because of the kind of foods they eat, how the arctic fox’s fur is white in the winter so that they are camouflaged in the snow, yet brown in the summer. You get the picture. So Anna and Evan start to think about why the bears have different coloured coats and they work this out for themselves based on the information Mr Darwin gives to them.

I really liked this story as I find the subject fascinating and just so interesting. There are also lots of colourful illustrations by Karin Eklund to help bring the story to life. And at the end there’s a little biography of Charles Darwin and a dictionary to help with understanding some of the words.

I thought it was a perfect learning tool, ideally pitched for the 6-9 age group it’s aimed at. I feel like this could be a whole series of similar books where Anna and Evan visit various well known historical figures – I do hope so.

As a young girl, Dr. Tanya Hutter couldn’t imagine that she would end up being a leading scientist in nanotechnology and chemical sensing, and a Research Fellow at the University of Cambridge. Currently, she lives in Cambridge with her husband and their two curious children that inspired the book.

Lina Daniel has been always interested in science and medicine, eventually becoming a chemist and a pharmacist, and currently working in the pharmaceutical industry. With her husband, she is raising three enthusiastic boys. They all share a passion for scientific experiences, engineering novelties, fun historical facts, travels and adventures.

Tanya and Lina have been close friends for over two decades. The fact that they are both raising young children enhanced their desire to encourage kids to learn about science, and finally, drew them to write their first illustration book for small children. Hopefully, this will be the first one in a series of books about notable scientists and engineers.



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