#bookreview – The Fox in the Box by Amanda Gee & Illustrated by Lee Holland #ChildrensBooks

I’m absolutely delighted to be reviewing this lovely children’s book today.

When Lydia finds a lost baby fox outside her back door, they set off together to look for his family. But on the way, they discover a terrible disaster is about to overtake their village. Can they stop it…..and will the cub find what he’s looking for?

The Fox in the Box is an absolute delight. Anybody who knows me knows that I am mad about foxes so I couldn’t resist reading this book to my three year old son.

First of all, a word for the beautiful cover. It’s super glossy and very lovely to hold (I couldn’t resist stroking it!).

The book is written in verse (The Gruffalo came into my mind when reading it as it is that similar rhyming style) and it makes it a very lilting sort of read. It’s a really sweet story of a fox cub who has lost his mum and dad in a wood that is being chopped down by diggers and men with chainsaws. A little girl named Lydia befriends the cub and helps both the preservation of his habitat and his search for his family. It’s a story with a message and at three my son didn’t really understand it so just enjoyed listening to the story and looking at the pictures. An older child would be able to understand the underlying meaning I think. Either way, it’s such a gorgeous story that it was a pleasure to read.

The illustrations are stunning. They’re so vibrant and eye-catching and I personally found them very appealing.

This is a really lovely book. My little boy enjoyed it so much we read it three times in a row! It comes highly recommended by us both.

With thanks to the author for the review copy. The Fox in the Box is available now in ebook and paperback.


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