#bookreview – Rocky Rocks and the Colourful Socks by Seniha Slowinski, illustrated by Nick Roberts @Authoright

I’m really pleased to be reviewing Rocky Rocks and the Colourful Socks today, as part of the blogtour. Thank you to Rachel Gilbey from Authoright for the review copy and the place on the tour. Rocky Rocks is written by Seniha Slowinski and illustrated by Nick Roberts.

Here’s what it’s about:

Can you help Rocky Rocks find his socks? If you can see, you must tell me, what colour sock you can see? I’ll give you a clue, it rhymes with bed, could it be the colour… Rocky Rocks and the Colour Socks is a fun and interactive way of learning through rhyme by Seniha Slowinski. Illustrations by Nick Roberts

You can buy the book in ebook and paperback now.

I read Rocky Rocks and the Colourful Socks with my just 4 year old and he loved it. I think what he liked the most was the fact that it’s told through rhyme and that there was an interactive element to it.

Rocky the dog moves through the house trying to find socks. Each room has its own rhyme. There’s a sock in the picture for the child to find, then there’s a clue telling us what the colour rhymes with and the child then can shout out the colour of the sock. My son loved that bit and had a big smile on his face!

The illustrations are very sweet too, really cute and fitted perfectly with the story. And at the end we are treated to a lovely photo of the real Rocky.

I’d like to see more books featuring Rocky. I liked this one a lot.

Living with her husband and her lovable Rocky in South East London Seniha Slowinski has enjoyed over a decade long career in the print advertising industry. When the recession hit about ten years ago she was out of work for over a year, which is when she decided to study and become a professional fitness instructor and because she loved dance so much qualified as a Zumba teacher. Seniha started to rent halls at local community centres, church halls, local gyms and schools teaching from pre-school level to primary age and teachers.


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