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Welcome to my stop on the blog tour for Have You Seen the Sleep Fairy by T.K.R. If you’re having trouble getting your child to stay in bed at night then read on! Thank you to Rachel Gilbey from Authoright for the review copy and the place on the tour.

Have YOU seen the Sleep Fairy? This is the story of a sleep deprived mother and father who are rescued by this shyest of fairies, who only comes out at night when all the children in the home are asleep. She helps children get into the habit of sleeping through by leaving tiny items of interest under their beds for a few days until she can trust them to sleep through on their own. This sweet story is simply told by the author and beautifully bought to life in this new illustrated children’s story. Get your children into the habit of sleeping through by reading The Sleep Fairy to them and applying the idea to your family routine. Here’s to you and a peaceful night’s sleep.

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I’m guessing the author of this book wrote it because he had experienced his children not sleeping well at night and he needed a solution.

The little boy in the book wakes up in the night, and consequently so do mum and dad. They suggest to him that if he doesn’t stay in bed the sleep fairy won’t come and leave stickers under his bed. As an incentive to stay in bed it is a nice idea. I haven’t tested it personally, but I would give it a go in the future if need be.

I read this book with my 4 year old son. He enjoyed it very much and asked for it more than once. It’s full of lovely illustrations, beautifully coloured and quite unusual in style. They provide a perfect accompaniment to a sweet and clever story. It’s nice that it’s not only pretty but useful too and I’d recommend it to parents whose children don’t sleep through. It may not work for everybody but it’s definitely worth a try.

Living in Chelsea, London with his wife and four children author T.K.R is no stranger to sleepless nights. When not writing children’s books, he runs his own business, Captivate Marketing (Pty) Ltd which focusses on the tools and tactics associated with amplifying his clients’ global brands.

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