Review Policy


I have a crazy amount of books to read so I may not accept many books for review through this blog. However, if I’m offered a book by an author I have already read and enjoyed or I really like the sound of a book then I’m likely to accept. Please do not be offended if I turn down an offer to review your book – it will be nothing personal, just a lack of time and maybe the wrong genre.

In terms of the books I like to read, I like contemporary, literary and women’s fiction, crime and psychological thrillers. I also like some time travel but am not a fan of sci-fi and fantasy in general. I’m also not keen on action/adventure type books, cosy crime or horror.

I am professional and reliable and if I say I will do something then I will do it.  I love to participate in and host blog tours and cover reveals, and am interested in interviews, guest posts, extracts, competitions, giveaways and the like. I’m more likely to do this if I’ve read the book or am interested in reading it. Again, if I turn you down it’s nothing personal and it may be that the content doesn’t fit with my blog or I am busy with something else at the time.  Please note that I expect original content, not posted on other blogs, if I agree to a guest post, interview or extract.

I don’t like giving a review of a book I haven’t enjoyed but even critical reviews will be tempered by positive comments as I don’t think it hurts to say something nice. I am quite generous with my ratings – to make me happy a book just has to engage me and make me want to keep picking it up. I tend to read books I think I will enjoy and for that reason the majority of my reviews are favourable.

Please note that acceptance of a book does not guarantee a review.  I will certainly not post a review for a book I have been unable to finish.

The majority of my images and links will come from Amazon and this is purely for ease of posting. I am not affiliated to Amazon in any way.

My reviews can be quoted but must be attributed to Short Book and Scribes.  Please do let me know if you do this as I will be so proud and I’ll tell everybody I know!